Final Race 7 – Surf World Cup Podersdorf 2014

I am very happy to have the opportunity to win my last heat in this great event PKRA Slalom Races Podersdorf Austria. The wind was very Strong 45 knot and my little Kite 7 miter Naish Torch, was very funny go very fast and enjoy at this condition!
with the best rider at the world from Races Slalom, Lake Bryan, Kerneur Julien, Smith Oswald, Ariel Corniel.
Now at the raking I am in the top 4.
Thanks Naishkiteboarding for this great moment!

Time for Training in Leucate

Leucate1ready for tomorrow to The competition,PKRA Francé Leucat. Today was good training with my new Kite Naish Torch!! Thanks Naish KiteboardingVivaWyndhamResorts un día perfecto de entreno en,Francia Leucat con mi nuevo Kite 9 metros Naish Torch espero tener un buen dia en día de mañana en la competición del,PKRA hasta mañana a todos gracias a Naishkiteboarding!!